Storytelling Day

Most parents today have a common complaint against the children that they don’t read at all or just play on their xboxes and don't play backgammon or other skillgames, which give your child a headstart in skillful thinking. In addition, instead of reading, many children nowadays are participating in online games, such as online blackjack, or are wasting their time on Facebook applications. This grievance has become so common that it does not even raise any eyebrows. Is it only an issue of accepting next generation technologies? Well, the world of Storytelling day is much more than just being pleasurable journeys into a make believe world. Look no further if you are seeking detailed information relating to World Storytelling day.


For every child, Storytelling has become a beginning to literature and vocabulary, besides adding values and education. Stories are but a window to better moral principles and values. Projecting mental and emotional images with the use of the spoken words, the storyteller becomes the driver, using oral literature as the vehicle. People from diverse backgrounds have often been brought together to share the magical moments of world storytelling day.

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