Popular Themes In World Storytelling Day

Storytelling has been around for as long as since very ancient times. People have always shown interest in listening to stories told by others. There is proof of these early stories in the form of cave paintings throughout the world. With the development of oral language, the stories as well as the art of storytelling too developed. Today, every year, the World Storytelling Day is observed to celebrate the spirit and joy of storytelling handed down the generations. On this page we will briefly look at the different themes in World Storytelling Day.


Recent years have seen a number of useful projects using storytelling. Each year, many of the individual storytelling events that occur around the globe are linked and associated by common World Storytelling Day themes. Each year, the theme is acknowledged and agreed upon by storytellers from all across the world.

Some of the popular themes in World Storytelling Day in the recent years are as follows:



     2004 - Birds

     2005 - Bridges

     2006 - The Moon

     2007 - The Wanderer

     2008 - Dreams

     2009 - Neighbours

     2010 - Light and Shadow

    2011 – Water

 World Storytelling day, 2010 celebrates the fascinating and ancient art of oral storytelling. This year's theme is "Light and shadow".  The expression itself invokes images of listeners gathered round a campfire, listening to tales first told many centuries spell-bounded. They will watch their shadows dancing with the flames.


People all over the world will gather and are encouraged to tell and listen to stories in different languages and at as many places as possible. 


First organized in Sweden in the early nineties, World Storytelling Day has since grown to be celebrated internationally. Today many events of storytelling take place in different countries.


The World Storytelling Day theme for the next year -2011 is “Water”. It remains to be seen how the enthusiasts and participants of the World Storytelling Day 2011 will take full advantage of the theme as well as the event.


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