Introduction To Storytelling

Storytelling is the art of conveying a series of events in words, images and sounds, which are often supported by creative thinking or an exaggeration. Stories have always been an integral pert of every culture as a means for entertaining, educating, besides preserving the culture. The main aim of this page is to offer you an introduction to storytelling day.


The key elements of stories and storytelling include mainly the plot, characters and narrative point of view. The original forms of storytelling are believed to be primarily oral, while combining gestures and expressions. The ancient cultures reveal the story telling art in their times as elementary drawings scratched onto the walls of caves. Read on to know more about storytelling.

Getting on with info on storytelling, the story, in the very early times was told using a mixture of oral narrative, music, rock art and dance. Sand, leaves and the carved trunks of living trees have also been used to document the stories in pictures or with writing. These were useful for the storyteller to remember the story.

Storytelling conserves the oral language from previous cultures, while introducing it to the language of the present generation. The benefits of storytelling are many and varied. Presenting ideas and thoughts in a pleasurable way, it helps in bringing people together, making them part of a warm and personal shared experience. It also institutes a positive attitude towards stories and books. Children and students get motivated to read on their own after having a good session of storytelling. The rich and varied language patterns presented to the listener in a satisfying format, gives the opportunity for people of all ages to interact on a personal level.


Storytelling encourages children to read. Opening the doors to the world of literature, it helps them to develop sequencing skills, oral language development and expanding language skills too. It also helps to increase attention spans and stimulates creativity and imagination among the listeners.


Traditionally, oral stories, persistent in memory, have been passed from generation to generation. However, recent times, with the advent of new technology, written and televised media has largely exceeded this method of communicating. After this brief Storytelling intro, browse the place for other details on the subject of storytelling day..


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