Children have always been growing up with fairytales told by their parents, grandparents and older brothers. Today, it might seem like the new generation is completely cut-off from this tradition, but technology has largely replaced traditional storytelling.

Cartoons, movies and the avalanche of videos available on the Internet have slowly, but surely, replaced the old-fashioned books. Many of the classic stories have survived, as they have served as a source of inspiration for some of the best games.

Video game developers were keen on building their products on well-known fairy tales, while enhancing them with their own ideas. Computers, as well as mobile devices deliver these immersive games to the fingertips of children and adults alike.

Even though most of the stories were changed just enough as to stay fresh and exciting, their very essence was preserved. Those who fall in love with the narrative in the video games and want to learn more about the original story can easily find them online and read them.

The best casino games inspired by stories

Online gambling operators and social casinos alike were quick to jump on the bandwagon and add slots inspired by stories into their collections. Leading software developers provide them with hundreds of such games and some of them are particularly good. JACKPOT CITY is one of the many casinos providing players with easy access to slots that have incorporated key elements of stories.

The simplicity of the game mechanics and the fact that they rely exclusively on luck allow players to focus on the narrative.

Piggies and the Wolf is one of the games where storytelling is particularly important, as it is based on the fairytale of the three little pigs. Playtech has re-created the plot in a joyful manner, with cool graphics and animations that are guaranteed to bring a smile on the face of those playing.

A Dragon’s Story is another slot inspired by a well-known story, although the adventures of the knight and the firebreathing Dragon is told with a tongue-in-cheek humor. Both these games are loosely based on the narrative, but they are so well designed that players immediately recognize the plot.

The vast majority of the slots inspired by classic stories also have intuitive names, and Miss White is a shining example.

Anyone who has heard the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will recognize the characters populating the reels. IGT is the software developer behind these games and the studio has produced many more slots with a similar vibe.

Some software developers go a step further and develop entire trilogies celebrating famous stories and NetEnt is one of them. Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood leaves no shred of a doubt about its plot and it stays faithful to the fairytale originating in the 10th century.

The same producer of casino games is behind the Jack and the Beanstalk slot, one of the few that has the exact name as the fable

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